Free Surgery Videos

Are you having surgery soon? And you spend a lot of time worrying about what they'll be doing to your body? Do you wish you could understand it from the perspective of the surgeon?

"No" to all three, huh? But you -- what's that -- you think sometimes about cutting people while they're asleep? Well, okay, then you'll still be interested to know that the National Institute of Health has compiled an extensive catalog of educational surgery videos addressed to the healthcare consumer. From "Awake Craniotomy" to "Anal Fistula Plug," they're all there! Probably cancel your weekend plans. Or at least cancel your plans for a weekend free of robot anxiety after you watch "Fully Robotic Gastric Bypass."

Not all robots are trying to cut out part of your stomach, but it's safer to assume that most of them would if given the opportunity. Star Jones ended up losing 160 pounds after a run-in with an ATM. It's true. But what does a robot do with the extra human stomachs, anyway? They couldn't want to eat it, that would be too funny.