Hidden Passageway Dot Com

Books (2400 BC - 2008 AD) used to serve many important purposes, not the least of which was decorating bookshelves. When books became irrelevant, a lot of people thought, “so what?” Some were even just, like “zuh.”
But they were forgetting about those of us who have (or intend to have) hidden rooms and passageways in our houses. Because hidden doors are always disguised as bookcases, they will start to look more and more conspicuous as the idea of having real bookcases becomes more and more absurd.  In the not-so-distant future, the few people who do have “bookscases” in their houses will basically be saying, “Hey, intruder, here’s a secret room. I’ve cornered myself in here, and I’ve insulted your intelligence. Please, kill me.”
The point is, we need to think of new ways to hide our secret rooms.  The good people at Creative Home Engineering are doing just that.  You can check them out at hiddenpassageway.com.
[Disclosure:  This post was sort of sponsored by hiddenpassageway.com.  They refused to pay me, but they did agree to suspend litigation against my upcoming single “Hidden Passageway To My Heart Dot Com”]