Someone Spilled Some Knowledge On You

Carl Zimmer's forthcoming Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed tells true stories of science tattoos. Because it's neat when responsible people get reasonable tattoos.

Reason aside, as many of you know I'm seriously interested in getting sleeved. But I'm also looking for a design that would be acceptable for work. Would you be okay with your doctor having a tattoo sleeve? If it was something scientific, say, that I could use to help educate patients -- a pictorial of fetal development throughout gestation, maybe, or depictions of people with different kinds of tumors in the act of the lifestyle choices that caused them -- then yes, it could be okay, right? 

My other idea is just to get the actual cool tattoos I want (extremely NSFW), but then cover them when I'm wearing scrubs, say with a Dri-Fit shooting sleeve like Allen Iverson or something.
If people ask why I'm wearing it, I can always say it's because I'm about to make it rain.
I say that a lot already anyway.