The Internet Might Restructure Your Brain

Everything changes your brain all the time, the question is really just how much. Internet addiction? Scientific American describes two studies that suggest it might be a lot

They talk about differences in white matter density in a few areas that might lead to "reduced inhibition of inappropriate behavior and diminished goal orientation," among other things. But then the last page says the studies had fewer than 20 subjects, so, really they don't mean much. Cool story, right.

If the internet doesn't change the structure of your brain, though, I'd be amazed. Beyond amazed. It would keep my attention for at least a few seconds. But is being manic on the internet possibly worse for your brain than letting it sit around while you watch TV or go fishing? Just letting it be all alone in there, pulsating, wandering around, scuffing it's feet on the base of your skull. That's what sleep is for, right? "I just caught a fish, but not the real kind." I don't know, what? I had to buy concealer because I looked in the mirror this morning and new parts of my brain were showing through the skin in my forehead.