Can You Taste The Danger? It's Delicious

Pasteurization, invented in China two thousand years ago and named for the nineteenth-century Frenchman who invented it later, has been federally standardized and regulated for a hundred years.  The FDA joined the internet in late 2010 and has since taken to addressing this and other pressing public health issues, like how to know if you're exercising too much.
Baby cows drink raw milk all the time, and they seem perfectly happy. Why can’t we drink milk without all of this “artificial processing” to "kill bacteria”? It's is another one of those situations where "natural" is a little misleading, like natural deodorant or chemotherapy. As I've said before, there are unfortunately lots of things baby cows can do that you shouldn’t, one of which is drinking directly from an udder.
If you're interested in more news from the FDA, they also have a good twitter, @FDArecalls. Spoiler, they recall about five or six things every day, so odds are good you've eaten or taken one of them in the recent past. Thus, you're probably going to get sick or die, so why not go out on top -- with a tall, cool glass of unpasteurized milk.