"Who wants to go to a party that's not popular?"

This and other quotes were in a New York Times article this morning. Try and guess what they're talking about.
  • The most common reason people drop out or get hurt is because they start too fast.
  • Party yourself into shape."
  • "That's a real safety issue."
  • "If the instructor can’t see you and can’t see how each person is doing the moves, you’re going to have an injury."
  • It’s easy to get carried away with the music and the atmosphere during Zumba class.”
Yeah, it's about hurting yourself in Zumba class
Sounds like it'd be smart to just stay home, sitting, not touching stuff or doing things that might involve "partying" with unstable lateral movements. But if you do have to do a class like this and you're not in fantastic shape, try pronouncing it "Zuhm-buh." Slowly, in a low, calm voice. Again, and again. Say it once for every step you take as you walk down the street.