Health Tip! Jobs & Fidelity

Medline Plus's Health Tip today comes, according to custom, in the form of several tips, as a short list of things to do to manage stress at work. If you're overwhelmed by your career, it may be because you need to "keep your desk organized." Last among the tips is "Recognize when it is time to look for a new job."

It would be great, Medline Plus, if you could follow this up with a Health Tip on how to recognize when it is time to look for a new job. And it can't be about the desks. Is it normal to fantasize often about other jobs while you are at your current job? When you meet people socially, do ask them what they do for a living, and then not just say "oh, that sounds neat" but actually go into a detailed inquisition as to how they got into the field, what their days are like, if they're happy, and where you can apply for a job like theirs? If you didn't have to worry about money (just do what you love!) and everyone actually did that, the world would fall apart, right?