How To Be 100 And Live To Answer Surveys

Don't you really want to live to be 100? The New York Times tells us how easy it is. A study of 477 ninety-five-year-old Jewish people that found they actually didn't have better health habits than their friends who died younger. They didn't exercise more, smoke or drink less, weigh less, or even have more positive attitudes. So why'd they get to live so long? 

Basically, the only variable they identified was that they had long-lived family members. So, get a good family! 

If you don't have the money or likable characteristics necessary to get a good family, but you still want to be 100 (95) years old, do these things I just made up:

-Walk very slowly and cautiously, all the time. Look twice each way before you exit any room.
-Keep your eyes moving. Never not moving with the eyes.
-Love with a moderate, safe amount of passion.
-Don't cut your fingernails too short.
-Don't let your fingernails grow so long they get infected.
-Don't eat anything you don't have to.
-DO not cling to life. Don't smother it. Give it space.

Anything else working for anyone out there? What's keeping you alive?