People Sleep Better In Hammocks

We all deserve to be rocked, all the time, in every sense. That's the gist of a small study in Current Biology that found people who slept in some special rocking "experimental hammocks" slept better than the people in normal stationary versions.

Not only did they fall asleep faster, they also boast "dramatic boosting of certain types of sleep-related brain wave oscillations," presumably while  asleep.

You rock babies to sleep; why not rock everyone? Babies are just tiny adults. A lot of us would probably gladly try out some sort of new bed that would accomplish this, but exhaustive searching for "hammock beds" and "rocking beds for grown-ups" tells me they're more the kind of thing that exist really easily in your mind but not other places. The "banana hammock" market, though, remains unduly saturated.

If I opened a store called Experimental Hammocks, would you go to it?